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Which are the Countries with the Most Handsome Men in the World

There are a lot of single girls who are wondering where all single men are hiding. Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question, but we can tell you which the countries with the most handsome men in the world are.

This way if you are a single lady you could visit them, and who knows, you may end up meeting the man of your dream. So, pack your bags, girls, because we are setting off!


The first country with a lot of handsome men is Ireland. So, you can pay a visit to its capital Dublin to see it with your own eyes. One may think that Irish men are all red-haired and have freckles on, and, of course, drink so much beer that they have beer bellies, but it turns out that this is not exactly so.

Take one of the hottest Irish guys in the world, Colin Farrell. A lot of ladies dream of a guy like him, a real handsome and stout type of guy. Ireland has many men like him that really pay special attention to their looks.

South Korea

Surprise, surprise, it turns out that there are some really hot Asian guys which can be found in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. There are actually a lot of ladies who really like guys with Asian eyes, and some of the most handsome ones could be definitely found there.

Cannes, France

If we have to be honest, Cannes was not included in the list because of the men who are originally from it, but because of the handsome men who pay frequent visits to it. This is a favorite destination to a lot of red carpet stars from all over the world. So if you want to meet some, you could easily do it if you go to Cannes, especially during the film festival.


There is no secret that Italian men and extremely gorgeous. They are real macho men and do not have the reputation of being the most faithful men in the world. Surely we can say that every rule has its exceptions, and this may be true for this as well. Anyway, if you want to be surrounded by gorgeous men, then you should definitely visit Italy.

Pueto Rico

Ah, Puerto Rico… It turns out that the name of this country is not an accidental one. “Rich Coast”, as it is translated, is definitely rich because it has a lot of handsome men that women all over the world could easily fall in love with. So, you can definitely consider this country for your next vacation.

Puerto Rico is one of the hot (both literally and metaphorically speaking) countries in the world offering amazing beaches, beautiful nature, and stouts with tanned bodies. If you have doubts about it, take Ricky Martin for example, because he is originally from Puerto Rico.

Miami and California, USA

There are actually two destinations in the USA where you could meet very handsome guys. The first one is California and the second one Miami. It is no surprise that these both destinations are southern one where one can see a lot of shirtless boys at the beaches. You can be sure that there is almost a 100% chance that you meet a gorgeous American guy at the beaches of Miami and California, and not only one, but even many. Just have it in mind if you go there.


Spain is another country with extremely handsome guys. In fact, most Spanish speaking countries boast with a lot of beautiful women and men. Spain is no exception. If you are planning a vacation to Spain, you will have the opportunity not only to see some amazing architecture and cuisine, but also to enjoy the presence of hot Spanish guys.

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